Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Slimmers' Chicken Leek and Mushroom

We’re trying very hard to be good and drop a few tonnes (!) before the summer gets here and I thought this would be both tasty and fairly healthy. 

I served it with some cooked spelt, but you could equally have it with barley, rice or pasta. 

For two of us : 

1 small leek (the green part only)
5 or 6 medium mushrooms
About a cup of cooked chicken
¼ pint chicken stock
2tb light Philladelphia
Salt and pepper to taste 

Slice the leek lengthways, rinse well and slice across the lengths quite thinly.  Clean and slice the mushrooms and tear the chicken into edible sized piees. 

Toss the whole lot into a sauté pan and pour over the chicken stock, season to taste. 

Simmer on a medium heat until most of the liquid in the pan is absorbed (you want some to make a sauce so don’t let the pan cook dry).  Add the Philly and stir well to combine with the contents of the pan. 

Chop some fresh parsley and sprinkle over at the last minute. 

Serve with or over your choice of side.

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