Saturday, 10 March 2012

Sausages braised in red wine with Colcannon mash

Bangers and mash is a really classic British dish, and as a treat for my hubby, and to make it a bit special since it’s Saturday I decided to braise them in red wine.   

Colcannon mash is a traditional Irish potato dish, very simple when you know how, but so delicious that I knew I’d want to share the recipe with my friends across the pond! 

For two people you need : 

6 good meaty sausages (Cumberland are my favourite)
2 rashers of bacon
6 or 8 small shallots
6 or 8 small mushrooms
1 clove of garlic
½ tb flour
1tb olive oil
½ bottle of red wine
2 bayleaves
1 sprig of thyme
Salt and pepper to taste 

For the Colcannon : 

2 big potatoes
1small leek
½ a cabbage (I like savoy cabbage or spring greens best)
2tsp butter 

Firstly brown the sausages all over and set aside. 

Dice the bacon and brown in a little olive oil and then set aside with the sausages. 

Toss the shallots around in the olive oil and sauté until they are golden, adding the chopped garlic for the last few minutes.  (It isn’t necessary to use shallots, I just had some here that I wanted to use up.  You can peel and slice or dice a large onion instead.) 

Return the bacon to the shallots in the pan and add the flour, stirring to scrape up any sticky bits on the bottom of the pan.  Gradually add the red wine, stirring well to eliminate any lumps. 

Add the sausages, mushrooms and herbs to the pan and season to taste.  Pop a lid on the pan and cook in a medium oven (150oC) for two and a half hours.  Check on it from time to time, you want to have a nice gravy with the sausages so if it starts to look at all dry add a little beef stock (or boiling water to which you have added a little Worcestershire sauce) to thin it out a little. 

For the potatoes, peel and cut into smallish chunks and boil.  Shred the cabbage and steam over the potatoes until cooked through.   

Cut the leek in half lengthways and rinse well, then shred and sauté in 1tsp butter, adding the cabbage once it has been steamed. 

When the potatoes are cooked, mash them with the other tsp of butter, then add the cabbage and leek mixture and mix well together with a wooden spoon.


  1. I am unfamiliar with Colcannon, but know the ingredients well! :) Sounds like a really delicious combo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I hope your family enjoys it! It's worth making a big batch of it and frying up the leftovers the next day as bubble and squeak.

  3. I think I'm going to try this even though my dad hates mashed potatoes in any form. Oh well he doesn't have to eat any lol.

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