Friday, 14 October 2011

The Grateful Housewife

I woke up yesterday to one of those horrible, dank, windy, driving-drizzle days.  The sort of day that just makes you want to retreat back under the duvet with a mug of tea and a pile of magazines.

Looking out of the bedroom window I thought back to when I was working and having to drive to work in the rain.   No day starts well when the first challenge is trying to make headway among speeding traffic while peering through a rain-splattered windscreen!  It didn’t get any better when I’d arrived as I’d invariably have to deal with the insanity of a boss who truly thought I really ought to be able to read his mind and that knowledge could be transmitted by osmosis.  Then there was his wife who thought I could see through walls and could tell her what any particular piece of paper she waved around related to without actually having to see it!

As a happy housewife, my greatest challenge was stripping and changing our bed, cleaning through upstairs, trying to dry some laundry and making dinner!!

Financially, we may not be as well off as we were then; but we really live like kings now.

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