Monday, 3 October 2011

Autumn returns to the valley!

After a brief return of summery weather, this afternoon saw Autumn return to the valley.  It has been incredibly surreal to see leaves falling from the tree when the temperature has been routinely somewhere around 25o!   Somewhere around 4pm this afternoon the skies darkened and the unmistakable smell of rain hitting dried ground wafted through my windows.

Yet, far from feeling sad at the passing of summer and the return autumn and wintry weather as I did when I was younger, I find myself oddly welcoming it this year.  Perhaps it’s because summer was such a disappointment, especially after such a glorious spring but as I sit here today watching the rain fall and the wind lashing the leaves from the trees I find it oddly comforting.  Already my thoughts are turning to happy evenings at home with the cosy welcoming glow of lamplight and a fire.  My appetite is craving shepherd’s pie and soups. 

All the signs this year are pointing to a particularly cold winter, which I find myself looking forward to – even eagerly anticipating!  There was something so comforting about the cold winter evenings last year.  I thoroughly enjoyed being cosied up at home whilst the elements did their worst outside.  After all the years of having to drive to work and fretting about being stuck in the snow, suddenly I was able to just enjoy the weather. 

If all the signs are indeed correct, then we’re all going to need to stock up on some staples and get the freezer stocked.  With that in mind I am already working my way through it ready to restock with chops, steaks, casserole cut, pot-roast joints and mince so that when we’re snowbound we can eat like human beings!

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