Thursday, 29 June 2017

Bluberry and Banana Dog 'Ice Cream'

I made these treats recently for my dog during a four-day heatwave that broke a forty-year temperature record and almost brought the UK to a standstill.  We do emergencies terribly well in the UK, not so much extremes of weather!

You just need :

500g pot of plain yoghurt (I used Total 0% fat because that’s what I always buy)

200g blueberries (about a cup)

1 banana

Pop everything into a blender and blitz, or pop into a batter jug and blitz with a stick blender.  Pour into silicone cupcake cases and pop into the freezer.  Once the ‘cupcakes’ have frozen they can be tipped into a freezer bag for easier storage.

This works very well poured into a Kong, just make sure to wrap it in cling film first (leaving the top open of course!).

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