Wednesday, 1 March 2017

March - Spring is Springing

After all the dark days of winter, March arrives like a welcome old friend.  We have noticeably lighter evenings, and slightly warmer sunny days and the first of the days when drifting outside with a cuppa becomes irresistible.  Often I have to retreat back indoors the minute I’ve drained by cup, but nonetheless – the season has begun!

Hopefully now the tumble drier can be retired until next winter, there should be enough dry, sunny and windy days to make drying flannel bedding outside possible.  I love my flannel bedding, and as lovely as it is out of the tumble drier, nothing but nothing beats the smell and feel of the sheets after being dried outside in the fresh air.

My dog walks now start to become a pleasurable pastime in the warm and sunny afternoons, less of the hunched down marching against driving rain and more of a head up soaking up the sunshine stroll.  These days are the reward we loyal owners get for all the soaking, wind-lashed walks we took during the winter.  Evening walks are now a pleasure to take too, not a chore to be hurried over before a restorative cuppa and a hot bath!

Welsh Cakes
The first of March is the feast day of our Patron Saint, Saint David.  Tradition dictates that little girls set off for school in “Welsh Costume” – that lovely but peculiar combination of lacy apron, fringed shawl and a hat that’s a combination of topper and witches hat!  The rest of us wear either a daffodil or a leek, usually a pin but on rugby days only the real thing will do!

Teisen Lap
To celebrate St David’s Day only the best Welsh cooking will do – crempog (pancakes) for breakfast, cawl (stew) for dinner and Welsh rarebit for tea followed by either a couple of Welsh cakes with a cuppa or a nice slab of Teisen Lap!  No St. David’s Day is ever complete without a big bunch of daffs in the window, such sunny and colourful flowers they really let us know that the worst of the winter is over.

The vernal equinox comes in March, firmly putting the dark dreary winter days behind us.  From now on, things can only get better!

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