Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Christmas Leftovers

You often hear the same old complaint after Christmas lunch – “all those hours shopping, preparation and cooking and it’s over in an hour”.  In my house, nothing could be further from the truth! 

Our lunch this year consisted of a stuffed and rolled turkey breast, which I’d roasted covered in bacon alongside a ham.  I also cooked a mountain of roasted veggies (carrot, parsnip, swede and potatoes) and a big pan of Brussels sprouts.   

Once our lunch was over we had a lovely pile of leftovers to see us through the next few days.  The leftover cooked veg were divided into two bowls – one of potatoes and one of veg to be used over two days.  

·         Day one saw sautéed leftover potatoes, served with cold turkey and ham.
·         Day two was my own favourite, the leftover veg turned into bubble and squeak, again served with cold turkey and ham. 
·         Day three saw the last of the turkey and most of the ham turned into a turkey, ham and leek pie.  The basic recipe for that is here on the blog, as it’s Christmas I added a generous dash of double cream to the sauce and gave it a rosti leek topping for a change.
·         Day four and the last of the ham was used up to make spaghetti carbonara – a 10 minute meal of minimum preparation but oh so satisfying!
·         The turkey and ham also stuffed more than a few sandwiches and buns!

 Over in an hour ...... not in my house!

 Tomorrow I will have to return to the kitchen and make something from scratch!!

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